French SEO is the marketing strategy your company needs if you plan to expand your project to other markets. According to the Ethnologue website, nearly 300 million people speak French worldwide. It is ranked among the 10 most spoken languages, so it is worth considering. We can help you in article translation.

Moreover, it is a language that is widely spoken in certain geographical areas, and it helps to strengthen business relationships. Without it, you could lose your competitiveness, your ability to expand and integrate into these markets.

If your goal is to attract the global audience that is not yet familiar with your brand and make good friends with Google, it is essential to create SEO content in French. This will increase your company’s visibility and web traffic among French speakers.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of adapting your SEO content into French.

Advantages of adapting SEO to French

There are multiple advantages to betting on French SEO positioning for your website or e-commerce. We summarize here the main ones:

Get an international presence on the web

English is the most present language on the Internet and the most used in Google searches. But French is also present in some communities, without forgetting the bilinguals that your site could interest more for the simple reason that they can have it in two different languages that they all understand.

After seeing the percentages, it is clear that adapting your SEO content to French will increase the number of visits to your website. Therefore, the international reach of your business. It is only through the translation of an article into French that you will be able to adopt the right SEO strategy.

In addition, to correctly position your web page in French, it is necessary to perform optimal keyword research. This way, you will know which terms or concepts your potential customers use to search for your products and services. Then, you will be sure to get better results more easily.

Sell in other countries

In a world without physical barriers to international trade, it is essential to take advantage of this globalization. This will help to get your products to a worldwide audience.

French SEO is one of the key tools. It will help you achieve a higher conversion of your website.

A good strategy to start optimizing your website and increase conversions is to work on the positioning of all elements related to the sales channels. For example, product or service files, pages through which users who make conversions have access to the purchase funnel.

Maintain a better positioning

Focusing on SEO positioning in French doesn’t mean you have to create a specific strategy that is completely different from the one you already have in English. It all starts with the translation of an article. Translating and adapting the existing strategy to a new context and a new target audience will suffice. You just need to take into account the needs of the audience.

Another advantage of adapting your SEO content to French is that you continue to rank your website 24 hours a day. You can do it without much effort or investment of money. This is not the case with Google Ads, where you stop appearing in search results when your budget is exhausted.

Take advantage of your competitors

There are still a lot of local companies that don’t dare to go international and prefer to continue marketing their products in their home country.

By transcribing your SEO content into French, you will be able to stand out from your competitors in a very simple way. Find the keywords and message that resonate best with your French-speaking audience, and get ready for your traffic to skyrocket.

But beware!

While having a French SEO strategy is essential to ensure your company’s visibility in target markets, there are some things to keep in mind to achieve a top 10 position.

Translate your website content into French

english to french translator

This may seem obvious, but it is not. Positioning a web page in French with part of the content written in English does not make sense. To make sure that all your efforts don’t fall on deaf ears, you must first adapt your website to French. Then take care of the SEO content. Without good SEO, article translation would be of little use. And as a result, your site will not be able to surface.

Sri Sharma of Net Media Planet said that businesses experience an average 70% increase in conversions when they translate all of their website content.

There are several plugins that make your web translation job easier, including WPML for WordPress.

Trust professional bilingual translators

For your French SEO strategy to be clear and effective, it is essential that you have professional bilingual translators. It will depend on them to translate each article and adapt the SEO content of the site by knowing the culture and context of the place where you are going. This way, your brand message will penetrate the potential audience.

Moreover, 70% of Internet users who access a poorly translated site abandon it immediately, according to the marketing agency Edyals. To avoid this, it is essential to have a team with experience in this area. People with many years of experience who can guarantee the success of your French SEO positioning.

Remember, SEO is important when translating an article

It is important for you to know that if you decide to adapt the SEO content of your website to French, the results, in general, will not be visible overnight. Therefore, you need to go all out and emphasize the SEO of every article on the site. You must constantly work on optimizing your site and do a little maintenance from time to time. It is only after these efforts that you will have the success you want.


If you think that French SEO is the strategy your company needs to increase its international web presence and gain a foothold in the network without increasing costs, contact us. At IKG Satisfaction, we place a lot of importance on SEO when translating an article. We have a team of translators specialized in marketing, SEO and advertising. We adapt your SEO content to your entire French-speaking audience.

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