Master the French language effortlessly

Elevate your language skills with our premier French learning experience, available exclusively on your mobile device! Embark on the path to fluency as we empower you with the guidance of native speakers. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of dynamic dialogues tailored to your proficiency level. Don’t hesitate – kickstart your language journey today! Access dialogues and authentic voices even before commencing your quest for fluency.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of full immersion in a foreign country or engage in continuous conversations with native speakers. Uncover the key to mastering French, one sentence at a time, not merely word by word, all within just a 10-minute phone call. Don’t delay, begin speaking and practicing now!


We provide complimentary subscriptions ranging from 3 to 6 months, contingent upon your level, and granting you a daily 10-minute call allowance.

STEP 1 : Choose your topic

At IKG Learning French, we prioritize pronunciation and immersive practice with native French speakers. What's your specific goal for learning French? Simply select your topic and send it to us, and we'll provide you with free language instruction.


Upon receiving your selected topic, we promptly generate dialogues for two individuals. This service is a complimentary language learning resource, as well as an immersion method within your home country. Our dialogues are abundant in vocabulary.


The next phase in your foreign language learning journey with us involves scheduling a session with one of our French-speaking instructors. Please click "Book an Appointment" to select a suitable time. We will forward you the dialogue along with a note.


In this final stage, our emphasis is on active listening, pronunciation, and repetition. Our instructors are exceptionally patient, friendly, and highly experienced. With IKG Satisfaction, mastering the French language becomes effortless and stress-free.

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Two Samples Of Our Dialogue

Dialogue 1

Alex : Salut Bob, comment ça va aujourd’hui ?

Bob : Salut Alex, ça va bien, et toi ?

Alex : Je vais bien, merci. As-tu passé un bon week-end ?

Bob : Oui, j’ai passé un excellent week-end. Et toi ?

Alex : Moi aussi, merci. Qu’as-tu prévu pour la semaine ?

Bob : Rien de spécial pour le moment, juste beaucoup de travail. Et toi ?

Alex : Pareil ici, beaucoup de travail à faire. Bonne journée, Bob !

Bob : À toi aussi, Alex !

Dialogue 2

Alex : Salut, je m’appelle Alex. Et toi, comment tu t’appelles ?

Bob : Salut Alex, moi c’est Bob. Enchanté de te rencontrer !

Alex : Enchanté également, Bob. Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire pendant ton temps libre ?

Bob : J’adore jouer au football et écouter de la musique. Et toi ?

Alex : Moi aussi j’aime le football, c’est super ! Et j’adore regarder des films.

Bob : C’est cool, Alex. On a des centres d’intérêt similaires.

Alex : Oui, c’est vrai. Ça pourrait être sympa de passer du temps ensemble.

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