Audio Transcription

At IKG Satisfaction, we’re here to make your life easier when it comes to French transcription. We take care of this task both manually and with cutting-edge, speedy, and dependable algorithms.

Discover the true convenience of having a company like IKG Satisfaction handle your audio transcription needs, whether manually or automatically, ensuring precise results from your recordings. And the best part? We offer these services at budget-friendly rates.

Feel free to bring us any French transcription project you have in mind. Additionally, we’re equipped to assist with document translation. Your satisfaction is our priority!

Video & Audio Subtitle

The video files we transcribe include: interviews, academic research, series, your wedding or event speech, or even your graduation recording. We also do subtitling with the best software such as subtitle edit.
IKG Satisfaction respects the timecode. So don’t hesitate to order us the subtitling of your film, documentary or tutorial from French to English or vice versa.

You have a Youtube channel in English or French and you want to help people understand your content? Well, we are here for you.


Image & Picture Transcription

Imagine you have a bunch of invoices, notes or manual records that have been scanned, but now you have to go through them all and extract the data manually! You have limited time and too much work to do in the meantime, so what to do? Just send us us your French transcription work.

The ideal solution is IKG Satisfaction. We will help you transcribe an image into text as accurately as possible. The image transcriber we use is not only accurate, but also capable of handling a large volume, depending on the number of files to be converted into text.

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